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We provide state of the art social media advertising solutions for corporate customers. Our proprietary platform enables the creation and management of social media campaigns in different channels.

"Social media killed the radio ad"

We are an innovative online social media advertising company. Our core competency is providing advertising channels online. Tweeit! is a spin-off rCo advertising, that provides online advertisement services. We aim to provide the best solutions for our corporate clients in social media advertising and communication.

Our capabilities are superior to all competing media companies to date as no competitor possesses the technology to provide such services. Our know how and long term knowledge of social media technologies enables to reach the largest audiences at the best conversion ratios.

Founded on 2002 rCo have achieved growth rates of more than 300.000% per year, allowing us to focus a great proportion of our income into research and development. Tweeit is the new generation of online marketing.

Rafael Gracioso Martins - CEO tweeit rCo

our Proprietary Platform

Our proprietary platform is built with the aim to provide superior advertising capabilities. Based on state of the art technology we can provide a unique service that no competitor will have.

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