A Sample of our Portfolio

Social Entrepreneurship
Promoting social causes Online..

Social Entrepreneurship can benefit greatly from social media. Creating social campaigns charities and institutions can reach large audiences and create high levels of engagement. Educate, inform and interact with users virally, and make your social project a success!

Product Promotions
Promote anything with social media...

Promoting products online is can be difficult. The sheer size of the internet minimizes reach to your target market. Using social media this problem is overcome, as your target market generates viral content. The more users getting the promotion more users are exposed to it.

Easy Cash backs and rebates
Simplify the cash back process...

Rebates are expensive and complex to implement and execute. Using our online platform for processing cash backs you can convert a hassle into success. Tap into the unlimited power of viral marketing, and enable your product rebate to drive more sales.

Forget complex SMS systems...

Product competitions are a great tool to create viral exposure for a brand. Instead of using complicated sms systems to acquire user entries, users can use or platform to connect social media websites to receive entries online. We can power your business to compete!

Free Samples
Reward your product preachers...

Everyone loves free samples. It is a great way to let customers know about your products and services. Offer free drinks with a meal or a free flight to Europe with our FreeBiz platform. Empower your business to give free samples and goodies to your valuable costumers.

Online Ombudsman
Engaging with costumers...

Have costumers talking about your brand online? Talk back to your customers and ask for feedback. Engage directly with users that talk about your brand or product on social media websites; and improve your brand image with the viral nature of social media.