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What we can do for your company...

Whether you need to promote a service or product for your business we have the right stuff. We can create advertising solutions that range from online competitions, social media powered coupons to online cash rebate systems. By employing a mix of conventional online marketing with directed social media marketing we can provide highly effective campaigns at incredibly low budgets. As a rule of thumb, one dollars in social media is as effective as 30 dollars in conventional online marketing. Whatever your marketing needs we can provide.

We envision to provide the World's most advanced online marketing solutions, so our engineers are always busy looking at new ways to use current social media trends, technologies and API's to achieve low cost high reach marketing campaigns.

Contact our sales representatives today for a no compromise chat and discuss your needs with us. Just give us a shout at @tweeit on twitter, send an email or organize some time to have a coffee. We will be glad to discuss your needs.

our Products

Having the right tools for the job are critical. For each of our advertising services we provide the right tools to create, track and interact with your users. Have the power of Web 2.0 and HTML 5 at your fingertips.

our Services
A small sample of our services...

- Social Coupons
Provide coupons and discounts for your product or service online. Reach thousands of users that exchange their voice for discounts and goodies. Reach thousands of users in a viral discount campaign!

- Online Cash back Services
Rebates are complex, time consuming and expensive. Use our services to offer online cash rebates and reduce costs, increase costumer satisfaction and actively engage your customers.

- Online Ombudsman
Perfect for companies that deal with large numbers of enquiries and complaints such as airlines. Actively engage users that complain about delays; and converse and reward customers that promote your business.

- Costumer service
Provide customer services online, provide customer support, sales and promotion with our proprietary platform.

- Direct Engagement Response Marketing
Talk to your customers. Ask them what they would like improved, their suggestions etc. Make your business more personal again.