Our Technology

About tweeit's technology
What powers our capabilities...


Research is what enables tweeit! to be competitive in the social media advertising industry. Our solutions are based on solid technologies such as PHP, MYSQL, APACHE, .NET, C# and many more.

We envision to provide the World's most advanced online marketing provider. Our data centre can serve more than 500 Million ads a day to a range of customers in both social media and conventional media. Our ad serving platform is based on rCo.co's engine, hosted on the USA, Europe and Asia, to provide low delay ad serving capabilities.

Our engineers are young and innovative people that excel at problem solving capabilities. This equates to faster product development and customized solutions to our clients.

our team

We are present in any countries worldwide with internet connectivity; with an ample range of research and development members from even wider backgrounds. Our main facilities are located in Melbourne, Australia.

our Systems
A small sample of our backbone...

64x64 of Web server